Wednesday, January 2, 2008

C-JAM : Home Comforts (Part 1) - The Washing Machine

One of the joys of camping is taking with you as many of the home comforts as you possibly can. The Harewood and Bishopdale troop don't like roughing it, so we have taken to C-JAM our very own prototype camp washing machine to do the laundry. However, there are a few difficulties that need to be overcome ...... there is no electricity and no running water!
This is not a serious problem to the resourceful Kiwi scouts. The clothes are simply loaded into the machine and the door is closed. The soap powder is loaded into the soap drawer and the water is added from the water container. Then you need to add a willing scout ................... or kea in this case,

to turn the the bike pedal. It works like a dream but this prototype cannot spin - the next version will have a bicycle attached to provide the required gearing.

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