Saturday, January 5, 2008

NZ Post : Rural Letterbox Specification

Before you can receive or send mail in the countryside you have to get your letterbox registered with your local NZ Post shop. According to the NZ Post website rural letter boxes should:
  • have a minimum size of 400mm deep x 270mm wide x 270mm high, with a flag fitted to indicate mail is awaiting collection.
  • provide access by a front-opening, non-locking hinged door, facing off the road and fitted with a posting aperture large enough for medium letters to be placed inside without opening the door. The aperture should be no less than 125mm x 25mm
  • have the street/road number of your property (if available) clearly printed on the box in numerals at least 25mm high
If your letterbox does not meet the above specification then your Rural Post owner/driver can refuse to deliver or collect your mail. However, most of the owner drivers are far more accommodating and will usually deliver to anything that just about resembles a letter box. They will even sell you a stamp!
I particularly like these two letter boxes that are to be found in rural Canterbury.
More details can be found here:

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Really enjoying your blog, looks & sounds like you've done the right thing. Well as usual it's damp & dreary here in HOSM, but also all over UK.
I'll continue to look over your pages. IF!!! you do come back to HOSM, would you give some people a good kick for me!! I think you'll know who I mean. It's 2008 now, some people still in the time scale of 1908!!
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