Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Pump Shed

One of the things that every rural property has is a pump shed. The pump shed houses a water pump that pumps the water from the 25000 litre water tank into the house, and in our case, also houses all the electrics from the submersible pump down the well some 50 metres away. The choice was buy a galvanised shed from one of the diy stores or do something myself. It is particularly windy up at our section (especially when the nor'wester blows in late October and November) so I decided to do something myself.

I put in a concrete base, threw together a 2' by 2' wood frame, got some sheets of 12mm plywood, cut it to size and topped it off with some corragated sheeting. Alas the wood stain ran out with 15 cm to go on the last door!

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