Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scout Photography Badge

A couple of weeks ago, myself and Andrew (scout leader) took the scout troop to Victoria Square for our regular Wednesday evening troop night. Victoria Square is a lovely garden in the middle of the the Christchurch Central Business District and borders the River Avon. Some of the scouts were doing some work towards their photography badge so they were given a digital camera and told to take some pictures. The two above are my favourites and show the wonderful sunset we enjoyed that night looking over the city skyline towards Hagley Park and the Botanical Gardens.

House Update

Things continue a pace with the house. The external brickwork is now complete and the internal walls have been covered with plasterboard. The drains and household waste treatment plant have also been installed. We are looking at a completion date sometime in the middle of February.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The School Run now takes 39 seconds!

Dropping off the children at school has never been so easy. All I have to do is pull my car into the school drop-off layby, open the car doors, say goodbye to the children and drive away. Come rain or shine the school headmaster is there to greet the children and he is more than willing to talk to parents too. It is such a useful facility.

I can think of at least one primary school in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom that would benefit from something very similar!