Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lettuce Galore

The lettuces have been another success in the garden. The cold frame is stuffed full of lettuces of all different kinds and varieties. They are real easy to grow and they have saved us a fortune.

The cold frame was built out of some timber left by the builders so it cost me nothing. I bought the plastic sheet and some rope to keep it secured from Bunning's (a DIY warehouse).

There is another side to the cold frame which is just as big and this is being used to germinate some native seeds for a shelter belt which we will plant out next year.

Christmas Dinner New Potatoes

A couple of months ago we planted some sprouting potatoes into the garden. This morning we went outside to dig up some new potatoes for our Christmas dinner.

We were really pleased to see loads of potatoes when we started pulling up the roots. Some four roots later we had more than enough.

Dad in Da House

Mum and dad have been staying with us and yesterday we took them to Hanmer Springs to enjoy the hot water. Dad let his hair down (the best he could!) and got dressed up in a rugby shirt, three quarter sports pants and not forgetting his lid (a base ball cap).

I have to say the clothes rather suited him!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Perth Royal Mint

The Perth Royal Mint is literally just up the road from where we are staying. We have no idea what used to happen inside because we have been too busy working to go and visit!

You can see the gates are firmly closed!

More information can be found here:

Mike enjoys a nice Green Salad

After being told by our client that he was 'piling on the pounds' Mike has gone on a diet. You can see him enjoying a nice green salad for his tea.

"Fishing Trip"

My line manager asked what we where going to achieve on this business trip and I replied that we were planning to go 'big game fishing'. During the last couple of days that is exactly what we have been doing! You can see myself and Mike after a hard days graft 'out at sea' out at Fremantle Harbour.

The Perth Skyline

The Perth skyline is seriously impressive with many sky scrappers in the central business district.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is an impresssive piece of architecture down by the Perth waterfront.
This historic ring of bells was gifted to the people of Western Australia as part of the national Bicentennial celebrations. The Bell Tower includes the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields which are recorded as being in existence from before the 14th century and recast in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. The bells were again recast between 1725 and 1770 by three generations of the Rudhall family of bell founders from Gloucester in England, under the order of the Prince of Wales who was later crowned as King George II. They are one of the few sets of royal bells and are the only ones known to have left England.
A taxi driver told us the structure cost $6 million dollars to build and it cost the politician who wanted to build it his job! I must admit to rather liking the structure.
More information can be found at:

Trip to Perth Western Australia

After some 10 hours travelling myself and Mike, one of my colleagues, arrived in Perth in Western Australia. We had a few problems connecting with our shuttle bus but we eventually arrived at our accommodation and we both jumped in to the pool to cool off.

Mike is showing how many times he tried to blag our way into an Air New Zealand Koruclub lounge. Needless to say he was successful on at least one occasion.

I have to take my hat off to him for his determination and effort!

The Mighty Waimakariri

One of the major landmarks that you see flying out of Christchurch is the mighty Waimakariri river. The Waimakariri is a threaded river teaming with fish and other wildlife and flows from the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean just north of Kaipoi.

Air New Zealand Empty Seats

Flying out of Christchurch on the international connection NZ90 brought home to me the scale of the current slowdown in the travel industry. The back of the Boeing 777 was just about empty with plenty of spare seats. I hope my former colleagues at House of Travel are all doing okay.