Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tunnel Shed

Cutting firewood in winter is not much fun. What we need is a big shed to provide some shelter when cutting the wood and to keep the firewood protected from the elements.

Mark, my neighbour (of electric fence testing fame) has a business called L. T. Sheds and he kindly offered to knock me up a wooden frame for a 2.4 metre by 3 metre tunnel shed. He makes tunnel shed kit sets in his workshop and offers them for sale via The sheds can be either clad in corrugated steel or they can be clad in plastic to create a green house. To keep costs down I found some recycled corrugated steel on for NZ$70 (£26) which has been more than enough to clad both the shed and the roof of the chicken run with plenty left over to spare.

I am really very pleased with the end result which could only be improved by a lick of paint.

A big thank-you goes to Mark for all his help and time.

Work Permits successfully secured for Hens

Work permits have finally been secured for 8 point of lay Shaver hens who moved into the hen house earlier this week after a long selection process. Spokeshen, Marjory Clucker pictured on the right hand side said, 'We are delighted to have secured employment although we were not very happy about the transport provided from the hatchery. It was undignified to have to share a cardboard box with 7 other hens.'.

Despite the complaints over the travel arrangements the girls have settled in very well and have already started laying some three weeks ahead of schedule. Each hen has been given 3 weeks to meet their production target of one egg per day.

The hens came from Heslips Hatchery which is near Fairlie in South Canterbury.