Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girlie Weekend Away to Hanmer Springs

When the girls said they wanted a weekend away to Hanmer you have to arrange suitable transport.

A surprise helicopter was laid on to whisk them away.

They flew up the coast to Kaikoura.

Stopped off at the heliport to ask, 'Which way for the whales?'.

Only two whales were in the bay so they had to make do with a pod of dolphins. Times are hard!

Afterwards, they flew over Hanmer to spend some un-winding time in the hot thermal water.

Throw in a chalet with duck pond views .. and you have a perfect weekend and 4 very happy and content girls.

I got to spend the weekend looking after my dad, the kids and I had the cleaning to do ... poor me!

Mum and Yvonne had a total blast! My sincere thanks go to the people who made this happen.

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