Thursday, July 28, 2011

East Riding Free Tarmac Club

It would seem that after UK MP Graham Stuart was taken to task over his 'free tarmac' it is reported this morning's Hull Daily Mail that another East Riding Tory politician, Cllr Charlie Bayram, has joined the 'East Riding Free Tarmac Club'.

This whole episode confirms my belief that these politician's are not fit to hold public office.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it - everytime there is road surfacing done there is some left over. Normally it's laid on somebodies drive. It is only if that happens to belong to an MP/cllr that moaners like you make an issue of it. Now thanks to this type of interference road contractors will feel obliged to return the left overs to base where they will become waste and cost money to dispose of.
So - thanks

POM said...

Anonymous, you really don't get it do you! Your comment might have well said,

'If it wasn't for those pesky kids ... we would have gotten away with it!'

In case you are to old to remember that is what the villain said at the end of every Scooby-Doo episode!

If you put yourself up for public office you must conduct yourself in such a way that you are beyond reproach. This whole saga confirms the public's belief that politicians are on the take!

Anonymous said...

No POM - you don't get it. If leftovers from roadworks become waste then;
1). Scrupulous contractors will have to pay to have it disposed of
2). Unscrupulous contractors will dump it - leading to cost to remove.
Either way - cost to the tax payer. As a tax payer I resent this.

I'm not friends with either Stuart or Bayram but I don't give a monkey's if they get a benefit from this - just as long as I don't have to pay. If the road work was in my street I'd be inviting the contractors to dump the left overs on my drive.

Surely you know the recycling mantra - reduce, reuse, recycle.
Reduce - no thanks we need more road works
Reuse - yes that's what this is that you're complaining about
Recycle - only if you can't do the other two - because it costs money..

POM said...

I understand that this tarmac was left over from a East Riding of Yorkshire Council contract. Cllr Bayram is a councillor of the authority. Therefore, the in the eyes of the public, the situation has the potential to be open to abuse.

IMHO Cllr Bayram should have refused the tarmac but suggested a number of local voluntary groups (i.e. a school, village hall or playing fields association) that could have benefited from the material.

If the tarmac had been bought by a friend and given to him as a gift I personally would have no issue.